1. How long will my coffee stay fresh?

Roasted coffee beans don't actually expirebut they will go stale. The freshness of beans can last up to 6 months or moreif well-stored in air-tight containers and away from light. Ground coffee mustbe consumed as soon as possible since it goes stale faster.

2. How long can I keep my cold brew?

We suggest to consume your cold brew within 5 days. Don't forget to always keep it refrigerated.

3. How long will it take to process my order?

There will be a 1-3 day lead time upon payment confirmation. For bulk orders, lead time will be 5 to 10 days depending on the volume. Rest assured, we give our best efforts to deliver according to the customer's preferred delivery date.

4. What time can you deliver/accept pick-ups?

We strictly book deliveries and accept pick-ups from 3PM to 6:00PM to ensure that orders are packed and ready for dispatch.

5. Do you ship outside Metro Manila?

Yes, we ship nationwide through our partner courier, Ninjavan JRS. Shipping feedepends on the weight of the parcel and the delivery address. You may also place an order on Shopee & Lazada.